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Tournament Director: Jake Perper

Jake Perper

The Sun Bash Tournament Director is Jake Perper, the Founder/Scouting Director of The Hoop Vibe (www.thehoopvibe.com). Perper has been a sports writer since 2010 and a basketball scout since 2015. He was the Southeast Scouting Director for the Prep Hoops Circuit and the lead scout for Prep Hoops’ Florida site for seven years.

Growing up in Fort Myers, Fla., he watched the City of Palms Classic from an early age and always loved the slew of high school talent that competed in the tournament many of which turned into college stars and NBA players. During the summer of 2017, he mapped out a plan to start his own high school tournament in the Tampa Bay area. That tournament not only gives fans high-quality games to watch in town but most importantly provides players with a platform through the media presence at the tournament and college coaches in attendance. A professional writer since high school, he has always used sports as a passion.

The Sun Bash is something he plans year-round to provide top-notch matchups and the top athletes in Florida the opportunity to showcase their talents. The Sun Bash Miami launched in Dec. 2019 joining Sun Bash Tampa Bay as the two high school basketball events during the season run by Jake. During the 2023-24 season, Sun Bash Jacksonville (Dec. 1-2) and Sun Bash Orlando (Jan. 12-13) were added to the quartet of events called the Sun Bash Series.

Helping kids on and off the court is his No. 1 goal with the Sun Bash events, and he’s able to do just that and more. Follow Jake’s work on Twitter @thehoopvibe. You can also follow the Sun Bash Tournament accounts on all platforms (Twitter, Instagram & Facebook) @SunBashTourney.